Simphiwe Ngema on letting go – “I’ve become the man I wanted to marry”

Singer Simphiwe Ngema proves to have moved on by becoming the man she wanted to marry.

Lots of South Africans knew that the death of her hubby, Dumi Masilela shook the star and for many years, she got stuck in the pains and hurt.

However, starting a new year, Simz shared on Instagram that she’s let go of him by accepting that he’s never coming back.

“I’ve let go of what could’ve been and I’m starting to live in what is and making a reality of what could be. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve had to let go of a lot of “if onlys”. I’ve become the man I wanted to marry and I’ve chosen to accept that he’s not coming back but my life doesn’t have to be stuck in what could’ve been. Here’s to making all my dreams come true🥂,” she said.


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